Because you have unique goals and face special challenges, all variables are analyzed.Considerations include your product, its size, shape and material, type of finish, application method, cosmetic and physical finish characteristics, time table, production rate, material handling methods, energy and water resources, federal, state and local EPA and OSHA requirements, and budgetary considerations along with available plant space.

The Pretreatment Washer

Pretreatment is the single most important contributor to your quality finish. Pretreatment washers can range from 2 to 11 stages depending on the required coating quality for the part being processed.

The Dry-off

The dwell time in the dry-off oven will depend on the part size, shape, and material thickness. Cooling time is provided before the powder coating booth. Cooling of the parts is important in controlling the mil thickness.

The Powder Coat Booth

Powder Application equipment, booths, and recovery systems are critical to your product's finish.

The Cure Oven

The cure oven can be convection or radiant convection depending on the product. Our patented X-TRAD radiant burners combine infrared with convection heating effecting a high degree of heat transfer which reduces both bring-up time and total curing time maximizing line speed an production.

The Overhead Conveyor System

Amiberica will supply overhead conveyor systems with enclosed track, inverted enclosed track, 3", 4" and 6" I-beam conveyors, as well as power and free conveyor systems. Floor mounted conveyors are also available. Cooling time is provided before unloading. Cooling times will vary depending on the part. Cooling tunnels may also be provided to reduce cooling times. This will shorten overall process times and reduce system space.

System Controls

Amiberica will provide all necessary controls for your system, all pre-wired to your specifications. Centrally controlled systems or individual panels may be supplied at your request.Specific brand names and programmable controllers are also available.